Our Story

Our Story

The word ‘Soup Belly’ describes the satisfying feeling one feels after completing a meal of hot soup.

‘SoupBelly’ specializes in individual hot pot dishes. Traditional hot pot is commonly served in a large community pot enjoyed together at friends and family gatherings. HotPot originated in Mongolia and the China's Jin Dynasty (金朝) over 1,000 years ago. Hotpot was a meal prepared by frequent travelers who carried few utensils and wanted to keep warm during the winter. Individual hot pot started in Taiwan, and has grown popularity through-out all of Asia; In Japan, they are commonly known as Sukiyaki, in Thailand, they are called ‘ Thai Suki’and in South Korea it’s referred to as ‘Jeon Gol.’

‘Soup Belly’ is committed to bringing you various hot pot dishes packed with fresh ingredients- served piping hot, simmering in our signature savory broth. Our broth is carefully made by combining hearty beef-bones, fruit and vegetables, and allowing them to boil for hours to release the deep flavors that is also known to provide various health benefits. Each hotpot carries different spices and ingredients from each country- allowing us to bring the unique flavors from all over Asia, to our kitchen and directly to your table.

From providing you with fresh ingredients and a modern dining atmosphere, we hope you enjoy your dining experience with us!


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